Monthly Archive: November 2010

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Mungo S03E15

This week, Heart of Clachmaninshire try to limit the damage of their rather disastrous start to the season with varying degrees of success.  Mungo’s thoughtful gift to his fallen comrades raises squad morale, whilst...

Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Dilemma 4

Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge Dilemma

No-one would have predicted this twenty years ago, but there is a possibility that in ten years time – or maybe less – Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Chelsea will all be...

The Orange FA Cup Ball: Not The Only Fruit 9

The Orange FA Cup Ball: Not The Only Fruit

It began on Friday evening, with confused glances as the teams took to the pitch for the match between Rochdale and FC United of Manchester with the referee holding an orange ball. A fireworks...