September 29, 2010

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The Sordid Pleasure Of The Mass Brawl

Last night’s matches in the Football League were a carnival of goals, drama and excitement but (with the possible exception of Leeds United’s extraordinary implosion against Preston North End) the majority of us real event of the evening came at London Road, where the end of the match between Peterborough United and Notts County was…

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September 29, 2010

Time To Go: The Fight For The Future Of Sheffield Wednesday

A horse called “Owls FC” was due to run at Sedgefield racetrack this week. It didn’t. At first this seemed a very appropriate analogy for current affairs at Sheffield Wednesday – the “Owls.” But in reality it couldn’t be more inappropriate, as the Wednesday takeover tale keeps on running. A few days ago, the local…

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September 29, 2010
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