Monthly Archive: September 2010

Scotland 2-1 Liechtenstein: An Inquest Into A Victory 1

Scotland 2-1 Liechtenstein: An Inquest Into A Victory

Scotland awoke from its hangovers yesterday morning a little unsure how to react to Tuesday’s 97th heroics (if that’s the right word). On the one hand there’s nothing like a last-kick-of-the-game winner to send you home happy, and every successful team can point to such bits of good fortune in games where it was barely warranted. On the other hand we know that we came within seconds of perhaps the most humiliating result in our history, and Stephen McManus’s late headed winner does not, in some eyes, mitigate such an awful display.

Mungo S03E06 0

Mungo S03E06

Club versus player loyalties will be tested this week, as all the many fans of Heart of Clachmaninshire amongst you witness Mungo McCrackas’ debut for another club.  But how will the Highland League find...

Ilkeston Town Pay The Ultimate Price 4

Ilkeston Town Pay The Ultimate Price

The Derbyshire town of Ilkeston and Sheffield are a mere forty-five miles apart, but that difference must have felt like light years today at the High Court in London, as Ilkeston Town of the...

Non-League Week: Scottish Junior Football 1

Non-League Week: Scottish Junior Football

The first round draw for the Scottish Cup, made this week, threw up one intriguing though rather unfortunate tie: Beith Juniors v Linlithgow Rose. The significance might not be obvious to ther casual observer, but these are two of the four Junior sides – and the best two at that – to be allowed into the Cup this year. It’s only the fourth season in which any Junior sides have been allowed into the Cup at all, and both of these two will have fancied their chances to show the some of the senior sides what they can do. Only one will now get the chance.

Mungo S03E05 0

Mungo S03E05

This week’s Mungo sees Heart of Clachmaninshire’s squad, besieged by a heap of steaming beef in last Thursday’s thrilling cliffhanger, find their salvation in a burly deadline day transfer signing.  But what will it...