Monthly Archive: August 2010

Tiss Time, More Than Any Other Time 10

Tiss Time, More Than Any Other Time

The recent publicity regarding the newspaper sting carried out upon the Pakistan cricket team during their test match against England and the ensuing debate over the completion of the test match between the two...

Wigan Athletic Bingo! 1

Wigan Athletic Bingo!

Since their last clean sheet – a nil-nil home draw with Portsmouth on 14th April this year – Wigan have played 6 Premier League matches, winning one, drawing one and losing four.  In the...

Mungo S03E04 0

Mungo S03E04

Mungo time again.  This week, our heroes bounce back from their opening day disappointment with a corporate gig at a dairy farm.  Peril, inevitably, ensues.  Fans of teams who have had a stuttering start...

East Fife: New New Bayview? 3

East Fife: New New Bayview?

It’s only a dozen years since East Fife moved grounds, from their old home at Bayview to the imaginatively-named New Bayview. But last week Radio Scotland broke the news that they are considering another move, to another purpose-built stadium a mile away. I’ve got to say, my initial reaction was positive, not just because of the talk of more and better facilities but because, with the best will in the world, the current New Bayview is a bit rubbish. Many of the club’s fans however, are expressing a bit more scepticism, and on closer examination they may well have good reason.

Sheffield Wednesday Wait & Wait 5

Sheffield Wednesday Wait & Wait

If Sheffield Wednesday ever want to get back to the Premier League, I suppose it makes sense to start acting like a Premier League club, and an established one at that. Unfortunately for long-long-suffering...

Scottish Match Of The Week: Raith Rovers 2-0 Dunfermline Athletic 5

Scottish Match Of The Week: Raith Rovers 2-0 Dunfermline Athletic

Stark’s Park is a bit of an odd ground these days. Raith have been playing there since 1891, but its current character was defined in the 1990s when – perhaps a little unluckily – Raith’s period as a minor force in the Scottish game happened to coincicde with the impetus that led to the SPL. In particular, the ground criteria, under which every SPL hopeful would have to have their own 10,000 seat stadium, and to have it ready before achieving promotion.

Joey Barton’s Moustache: A Photo Essay 2

Joey Barton’s Moustache: A Photo Essay

The big news from the Premier League’s opening week has surely been Newcastle’s loveable midfielder Joey Barton’s pledge to not shave off his moustache until his club win their first league match of the...

Yeovil Town’s Veil Of Silence 8

Yeovil Town’s Veil Of Silence

Earlier this week saw the twentieth anniversary of Yeovil Town’s move from The Huish, their famously sloping home since 1928, to the brand new Huish Park stadium. In the intervening two decades much has...