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Mungo S03E03 0

Mungo S03E03

It’s Thursday again, which brings with it the crushing inevitability of another edition of Mungo.  It’s accurately named this week, too, as our protagonist single-handedly fails to make an appearance.  This would be an...

Match Of The Midweek: Lewes 2-1 Thurrock 4

Match Of The Midweek: Lewes 2-1 Thurrock

After a defeat at Staines Town in their opening Blue Square South match of the season on Saturday afternoon, the real test followed for Lewes this evening. Tonight’s match against Thurrock wasn’t merely their...

Rangers: The Future Is As Murky As Ever 0

Rangers: The Future Is As Murky As Ever

This weekend the News of the World reported that the Andrew Ellis takeover of Rangers was back on, this time from funding from the almost inevitable Russian tycoon, in the form of Vladimir Antonov. The ‘paper quoted a “source close to” Antonov who claimed the deal was “99% complete”. This apparently came as news to Rangers who immediately denied any knowledge, and indeed to Antonov who also denied that any contact had been made, though he didn’t deny an interest. At the moment it seems likely to be yet another red herring in the ongoing Rangers saga, but for all the denials there is some plausibility to the idea that Ellis and Antonov might have teamed up. Antonov has the cash and is searching actively for a football club in which to invest it.

Match Of The Day 2: The Murray Era 9

Match Of The Day 2: The Murray Era

Well, I confidently suggested that the seemingly ubiquitous Colin Murray was the ideal fit for the BBC’s ‘Match of the Day 2’ and its more relaxed view of the weekend’s football, and that Adrian...

Scottish Premier League 2010/11 Preview 5

Scottish Premier League 2010/11 Preview

Just in time for the new season, kicking off at lunchtime today, here’s the last of twohundredpercent’s pre-season previews: the SPL.

Daft as it might sound for a league with only twelve teams, there are four separate battles or mini-leagues going on within the SPL these days. The title race which has long since been restricted to the big two; the battle for third, which I almost think of as the real Scottish Championship; the chase for any remaining spots in the top six, which might sound pretty trivial but it’s about extra revenue post-split as well as the chance to chase a European spot; and lastly the struggle to avoid the single relegation spot. There is a fair amount of fluidity between these groups of course, particularly the bottom two, and a good run post-Christmas can alter the targets for the season. But by and large it’ll be reasonably clear which battle each team is fighting before we’re very far into the season.

The Premier League Previews 2010/11, Part 19: Wigan Athletic – International Men Of Mystery 1

The Premier League Previews 2010/11, Part 19: Wigan Athletic – International Men Of Mystery

One of the dangers of writing these predictionless previews, as our Premier League previews have been on twohundredpercent this year, is that it’s very easy to fall into the trap of saying nice things about everyone. When it comes to football, my nature is always to look on the positive side anyway – I’m at a loss to explain this because I can assure you I’m one miserable git in every other walk of life, but on Saturday afternoons I become the eternal optimist. So it is that, while I’m in no sense a Wigan supporter, when I come to look at Roberto Martinez’s squad and make my best assessment of how they’ll do, it’s easy for me to look on the bright side and think – yeah, they’ll be fine.