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The Premier League 2010/11 Previews, Part 9: Fulham – After The Lord Mayor’s Show 1

The Premier League 2010/11 Previews, Part 9: Fulham – After The Lord Mayor’s Show

So, just how do you follow an act like Roy Hodgson? Since Fulham’s own chairman appears unable to express any appreciation for just what he did for the club over the course of two and a half seasons, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves just how good a job he did. Arriving midway through the 2007/08 season with the team apparently destined for relegation, he kept them up with a terrific late season run. The following season he steered them to seventh and qualification to the Europa League, then last season of course he took them all the way to the final of it and to within a few minutes of a penalty shoot out that might have won it for them. All achieved on a relative shoestring – at least insofar as there is such a thing in the Premier League these days.

Morris Woodman’s Tactical Chalkboard: Celtic 9

Morris Woodman’s Tactical Chalkboard: Celtic

Morris Woodman is England’s most successful football manager.  In 13 seasons in the crucible of the Zambian top flight, his team Spartak Thunderbolts are yet to lose a single game.  During last summer’s World...

Mungo S03E01 0

Mungo S03E01

The new football season is now upon us and that means the return of Shit Shot Mungo to these pages.  But for how long?  There’s a wave of meat fanaticism building up in Clachmaninshire...

Scottish Football League – Season 2010/11 Preview and Predictions 6

Scottish Football League – Season 2010/11 Preview and Predictions

The 2010/11 season gets underway in earnest this Saturday and twohundredpercent endeavours to bring you previews of all the major leagues. Today, Gavin Saxton casts his eye over the three divisions of the Scottish Football League.

Division One

We’ve already had the advantage of seeing most teams play a couple of cup games, but the SFL proper starts this Saturday. The SPL (which starts next week) are still talking about possible expansion for next season – if that happens the First Division promotion race changes somewhat, but at the moment it remains the toughest league to get out of with just that single promotion spot. I’d be reasonably confident the winners will come from the top three sides listed, maybe Dunfermline would be the only other side capable of mounting a challenge. You could probably throw a blanket over the teams in 5th to 8th, while – trite a prediction though it is – I really do think the two part-time teams at the bottom will be having their own battle. Unless one of them can pull off a miracle or unless Partick turn out to be even worse than their fans currently fear. Teams are listed in predicted finishing order.