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Video Of The Week: Match Of The Eighties: 1982/83

By on Oct 11, 2010 in History, Latest | 2 comments

We’ve got something a little different for you tonight, with the launch of our very own Tumblr page. We’ll be putting videos, MP3s and links up on this site, hopefully on a very regular basis. This is starting off with this week’s Video Of The Week, which is the third in the BBC’s “Match Of The Eighties” series. This week’s...

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League Two And The Blue Square Premier: The Blurring Of The Lines

By on Oct 11, 2010 in English League Football, Latest, Non-League | 22 comments

In 1979, when the Alliance Premier League was founded between clubs from the Northern Premier League and the Southern Football League, there was a fairly clear line in the stand. There was no automatic promotion and relegation between it and what was then known as Division Four. Clubs in the bottom four of the Football League stood for re-election against the most...

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Wrap Wilshere In Cotton Wool, But Don’t Give Him A Make-Over

By on Oct 11, 2010 in English League Football, Latest | 2 comments

William Abbs takes a look at Jack Wilshere – The original can be found here. Imagine, if you will, that England are a goal down to Montenegro with thirty minutes to play on Tuesday night. It’s not such a far-fetched proposition. The team from the tiny nation that borders the Adriatic have so far gained three straight single-goal victories and currently top...

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The Khoslas & Kingstonian: Out Of Administration And Into The Fire

By on Oct 9, 2010 in Latest, Non-League | 5 comments

Until two days ago, I was viewing this article as an exercise in exorcism, writing about Kingstonian’s post-administration travails and my inglorious part in them. Handily, it was also going to be an article that didn’t require much research as I was, largely, “there at the time.” But the end of Kingstonian’s first post-administration ownership regime had parallels...

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