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Birmingham City – Out With The Old & In With The New

By on Oct 21, 2009 in English League Football, Latest | 1 comment

Opinion is polarised in football about Birmingham’s new frontman Carson Yeung (not ‘owner,’ you’ll notice; takeovers just cannot be that simple). Some would agree with the man who sneered: “He’s not going to put a penny in…I don’t think that’s likely to change.” Others would back the man who declared: “We believe his people can take this football club to the next...

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Yes, It’s Sulaiman Al-Fahim Again!

By on Oct 19, 2009 in English League Football, Finance, Latest | 5 comments

You’d have thought that even the publicity junkie that is Sulaiman Al-Fahim would keep as low a profile as possible, after his dismal, embarrassing failures at Portsmouth, but no. Having done a round of self-justificatory chats with the UK press, who didn’t balk at pointing out the flaws in every argument he put forward, he returned to the happier, compliant hunting...

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Match Of The Week: Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea

By on Oct 18, 2009 in English League Football, Latest | 2 comments

There’s something afoot in the court of Chelsea. After a start to the season that carried on the way that last season ended (high octane football mixed with the arrogance of the club that knows that it is amongst the best in Europe), they have started to look just a little bit ropey of late. Their win over Liverpool last weekend needs to be offset against a...

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Supporters Direct Arrive At The Crossroads

By on Oct 17, 2009 in Latest, Politics | 3 comments

This year’s annual Supporters Direct conference found the organisation at something of a crossroads. The high profile failure of Supporters Trusts at Notts County and Stockport County have caused a deal of unwanted attention to be cast upon SD (even though they are obviously not for responsible for the goings on at specific trusts) and, with continuing...

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