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Seeing as how the Ashes have started and England aren’t – at the time of writing – being thrashed seven shades of black and blue by Australia (though there is plenty of time for that to happen over the next few weeks or so), we thought that now would be an appropriate time to have a quick look back at the (now dying) breed of sportsman that combined their summer sport with their winter sport. In the past, cricket and football were much more closely linked than they are now. Many professional football clubs started out as cricket clubs, and one of the most famous cricket grounds of all, The Oval at Kennington, hosted the first ever international match between England and Scotland in 1870, as well as twenty-two FA Cup Finals and replays between 1872 and 1892. Two football grounds remained in use as cricket grounds until comparatively recently – Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane remained three-sided and was used by Yorkshire County Cricket Club until the mid-1970s, whilst Northampton Town’s old home, The County Ground, remains three-sided. Since The Cobblers moved to Sixfields in 1994, Northampton CCC have continued to use the ground. Here, then, are the ten footballing cricketers and cricketing footballers. Read More 10 Footballing Cricketers (And Vice Versa)


The Ball