July 2009

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New Balls, Please – The New Premier League Ball

There probably haven’t been too many sleepless nights about this, but the new football for this season’s Premier League has been unveiled. The Nike T90 Ascente has been released with a typical Nike flourish, promising such marketing guff as “Micro-textured surface [which] equalizes airflow increasing accuracy and ball control”. Pondering over the pitch, however, it…

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July 17, 2009

What Not To Wear 2010: The Premier League

It’s that time of year again – the worst fashion show of the year. Well, almost. The Premier League clubs are almost all kitted out for the new season, with only a handful of notable exceptions. A couple of clubs are staying as they were this season and Portsmouth will be keeping their fingers crossed…

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July 17, 2009
The 2009/10 Heart Of Clackmannanshire Team Photo

The 2009/10 Heart Of Clackmannanshire Team Photo

The new season is almost upon us so, fresh from the training ground, here is the very latest Heart of Clackmannannshire team photograph ahead of the new season. The more observant amongst you may have noticed a couple of new signings for The Clackas. Jim Reaper joins the club from Steaua Transylvania, whilst veteran Bert…

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July 16, 2009

A Bad Week For The Sportswear Manufacturers

It never rains but pours for the SFA and the SPL. Having lost a considerable amount of money after the collapse of Setanta Sports earlier this summer, they now stand to lose out again after the collapse of the Italian sportswear company Diadora, who collapsed earlier this week with the loss of all of their…

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July 15, 2009

Manchester City & The Big Four

The cross-Manchester transfer of Carlos Tevez continues a summer of insane spending by the blue half of the city. It’s not necessarily over yet, either. They remain on the tail of John Terry and are also in talks with Emmanuel Adebayor. At a time during which the more established clubs above them in the table…

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July 14, 2009

John Hartson

That retirement comes at such a young age is one of the curious contradictions of football. No sooner has a professional player reached his prime than he is sliding down the other side of his career arc. The overwhelming majority vanish quietly into the distance to retrain as sports scientists, run pubs, or do any…

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July 13, 2009

Canada & The 1986 World Cup

You wouldn’t know it from the absolute lack of media coverage in the UK, but the CONCACAF Gold Cup – North & Central America’s equivalent of the European Championships – is currently being played out in the USA, and one of the minor surprises of the competition so far has been the progress of the…

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July 12, 2009
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