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Match Of The Week: FA Cup Second Round – Histon 1-0 Leeds United

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Three times they have been the champions of England. FA Cup winners thirty-six years ago. Leeds United’s mere presence in the early rounds of the FA Cup is a powerful symbol of how far from grace they have fallen in recent times. In contrast, ten years ago Histon were a village club playing in the Eastern Counties League. Their rise towards the top of the Blue...

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Tax Returns

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It’s probably safe to assume that Donal Macintyre isn’t that much of a football fan. Not because he gives the impression of being someone that hates football, even though his previous dalliance with the game was an expose of the “Chelsea Headhunters” for the BBC. I say this because, if he was familiar with the peculiar way in which football...

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France, England & The Future Of European Football

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France and England have a complex relationship. Both are considerably more like each other than either would like to admit and, even after thirty-five years of European integration, any attempts by the French to dictate European political policy are likely to be greeted with honks of derision in the British press. This is exactly what has happened with (what now...

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Review: 1966 Uncovered by Peter Robinson et al

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Some events in human history, a sage once noted, are so great that even those that weren’t  born at the time can remember what they were doing at the time. A large number of these events come, perhaps unsurprisingly, from the 1960s, when satellite technology first tentatively fired live television images around the world. Whether the 1966 World Cup Finals fall...

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Scenes From Football History – 1982/83: How Fulham Blew It

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From the mid-1960s on, football grew massively as a passive spectator sport. The realisation that football could evolve as a spectator sport for people that weren’t even at the match was a revolution in terms of the perception of the game. By 1983, moves for live televising of league football for the first time were already well in motion. By the end of 1983,...

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