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Match Of The (Mid)Week: Brighton & Hove Albion 2-2 Manchester City (Brighton Win 5-3 Penalties)

By on Sep 25, 2008 in English League Football | 0 comments

Some people danced in the car parks at the City of Manchester Stadium when the Abu Dhabi United group bought Manchester City. Some of their supporters were devastated. Many of the rest of us rolled our eyes and looked to the heavens. The reinvention of Manchester City might take some time to complete, and last night was stark evidence of this. Brighton & Hove...

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When Was Football Best? (Or At Least Least Worst?)

By on Sep 24, 2008 in Latest | 9 comments

Tonight’s message is brought to you from One Touch Football, the message board for the venerable magazine, “When Saturday Comes”. A debate started there this morning and, since I don’t have the time to post my thoughts on the subject up on there in sufficient detail and put something up on here in the same evening, I thought that it would be...

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Hammers, Blades & The Damage Done

By on Sep 23, 2008 in English League Football | 4 comments

Such was the effect of Bryan Robson’s predictably disastrous spell of Sheffield United in charge the following season, the saga of The Blades, West Ham United and Carlos Tevez has been largely forgotten by the media over the last twelve months or so. The story has, however, roared back into the headlines following the release of the findings of the arbitration...

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The Goal That Never Was

By on Sep 22, 2008 in English League Football | 5 comments

It was, by any standards, the most bizarre moment of the football season so far, and it’s difficult to imagine that it will be bettered. During Saturday afternoon’s match in the Championship between Watford and Reading, a goal was awarded that was not only controversial but didn’t actually happen at all. The strangeness started after thirteen...

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Match Of The Week – Preston North End 1-3 Wolverhampton Wanderers

By on Sep 21, 2008 in English League Football | 0 comments

The term “sleeping giant” is a misused one, often used to describe a club that had a few glorious seasons, many years ago. If there are two clubs that deserve this particular epithet, then it would probably have to be Preston North End and Wolverhampton Wanderers. These are clubs that have hit the highest heights and plummeted the depths. Two of the...

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