Posts made in June, 2008

Au Revoir

By on Jun 17, 2008 in Latest | 3 comments

Farewell then, France. Last night had been an evening that promised to hit a crescendo of tension, excitement and drama, but in the event the evening in Zurich all went off like a firework display in a monsoon, with a French selection and performance that gave Italy a relatively comfortable ride through to the quarter-finals, whilst in Berne the Dutch comfortably...

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Auf Wiedershen, Mein Host

By on Jun 17, 2008 in Latest | 0 comments

Last night, Austria followed Switzerland out of Euro 2008 with a performance which, whilst not lacking in heart and courage, ultimately showed up the gap in quality between themselves and the tournament favourites. Germany eventually eased their way into the quarter-finals with a win from a match in which they didn’t play particularly well and will now play...

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Czechs Bounced Etc

By on Jun 16, 2008 in Latest | 0 comments

Slowly but surely, the records are being broken. It feels as if, one by one, new legends are being created on an almost daily basis at Euro 2008, and last night we had a new one to add to the list: the greatest comeback by an international team in the finals of a competition. To be honest about it all, the first seventy-five minutes of last night’s match...

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Saved By The Bell

By on Jun 15, 2008 in Latest | 1 comment

Out go the holders, then, and one suspects that few people are going to miss them that much. Greece’s defeat by Russia yesterday evening was one of the more mediocre matches of the tournament so far, enlivened only by a horrific mistake by the Greek goalkeeper Antonis Nikopolidis allowed Konstantin Zyryanov to prod the ball over the line for the only goal of...

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From Genesis To Revelation

By on Jun 14, 2008 in Latest, Non-League | 1 comment

While an international football tournament that is shaping up to be the best in a generation is taking place in Austria and Switzerland, the silly season is in full flow back home in England. Whether it’s the press speculating over how Ronaldinho’s move to Manchester City will be funded (Nike paying a proportion of his wages, apparently) and the acres of...

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