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By on Apr 17, 2008 in English League Football, Non-League | 1 comment

And then there were two. For many, many years, there were four, but Newport County fell through the trapdoor an into the Conference in 1988 (and folded not too long afterwards), and it now looks likely that Wrexham will follow them after a wretched period in the club’s history, which has seen them tossed from pillar to post and took them perilously close to...

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Shots In The Light

By on Apr 16, 2008 in English League Football, Non-League | 2 comments

It has taken them sixteen long, hard years, but last night Aldershot Town were welcomed back into the fold of the Football League. Since the original club folded in 1992, the club has fought tooth and nail to win its place back amongst the top 92, and last night it became reality at last by virtue of a nervy 1-1 draw at Exeter City. As it turned out, they took 900...

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Kings Of The Stone Age

By on Apr 15, 2008 in Latest | 2 comments

I have been involved in the running of a couple of amateur football clubs, and the biggest single issue is funding. How do you secure sponsorship for a club with no supporters (and, occasionally, less than eleven players)? It’s not cheap, either. Chances are, no matter how small your club is, that you’ll have to raise the best part of a couple of...

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What Not To Wear – 2008 Edition

By on Apr 14, 2008 in Latest | 10 comments

A quick glance to the left of these words tells you as much as you need to know about the sartorial elegance of the modern football coach. In their world, the suits are double-breasted, the buttons are shiny and the overcoats, when worn are cashmere. It’s a land that time forgot. Off the pitch, the players dress like refugees from the worst fashion show in...

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God Save The Queens

By on Apr 13, 2008 in Latest | 2 comments

The English FA Cup isn’t the only cup competition to have provided its fair share of shocks. The Scottish Cup has also been full of surprises, with Celtic having already been knocked out at home by Aberdeen, and it was the Dons’ turn to be on the receiving end of a bloody nose yesterday, when they were on the receiving end of a beating after an...

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