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So… That’s It Then, Is It?

By on Apr 24, 2008 in Latest | 8 comments

You all know my position on the hype that surrounds the Champions League. The fact that such a kerfuffle continues to surround a competition that is so lopsided amuses and befuddles me in roughly equal measures. The advantage of not supporting a team that a team to whom it matters is that I can kick back, relax, and watch what it going on with none of the stomach...

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Euro 2008 – The Venues

By on Apr 22, 2008 in Latest | 3 comments

Euro 2008 is only a few weeks away and, following on from the “startling” success of the piece on here about the kits that teams will be wearing next summer (I use both the words “startling” and “success” as relative concepts), there will be something going up on here about this summer’s festivities in Austria an...

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Almost There Now

By on Apr 21, 2008 in English League Football, Non-League | 0 comments

Somehow or other, it’s the end of the season already. Chelsea, for reasons best known to the Premier League, played on Thursday night, and their 1-0 win cranked up a little more pressure on Manchester United, who were reliant on a late goal from Carlos Tevez to get a point from their trip to Blackburn Rovers. High excitement, then, ahead of the match between...

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Lewes 2-0 Dorchester Town

By on Apr 20, 2008 in Non-League | 1 comment

There’s something not quite right about going to the football on your own, but it was a late decision to visit The Dripping Pan on Saturday afternoon. As things stand, though, it’s too good an offer to turn up. A nervy midweek 1-0 win against Fisher Athletic has pushed Lewes to within touching distance of a place in the Conference, and the good news was...

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The Wright Stuff

By on Apr 19, 2008 in Latest | 3 comments

With its relatively recent descent into chest-beating populism, the BBC has left itself fairly open to criticism over the last few years in terms of its football coverage. This reached something of a nadir at the 2006 World Cup when England were knocked out by Portugal, and any pretence of rational analysis went out of the window. Ian Wright, sitting glumly in the...

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