Posts made in March, 2008

Border City Blue

By on Mar 26, 2008 in English League Football | 0 comments

The 8th of May 1999 was a big day for Carlisle United Football Club. Members of the Football League for just over seventy years, they were the only surviving club of the three Cumbrian clubs that had once been members of the Football League (Workington and Barrow having lost their places in the 1970s), but now their place in the League was on the line and they had...

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Men Behaving Badly

By on Mar 25, 2008 in English League Football | 3 comments

The moralistic tone of the nation’s newspapers was hardly surprising. Considering the nature of the behaviour of Ashley Cole during last week’s match between Spurs and Chelsea and Javier Mascherano’s sending off on Sooper Dooper Sunday, there was something supremely inevitable about the press reaction to it all, with calls for sanctions for showing...

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Spring Cleaning

By on Mar 24, 2008 in English League Football | 0 comments

In previous years, the Easter weekend was the time of year when everything suddenly became clear. This year, however, many things seem just as unresolved as they did last week. Partly it’s because Easter is so damn early this year, and partly it’s because many of English football’s more pressing tête à têtes this year seem unlikely to be resolved...

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Crossing Swords At Upton Park

By on Mar 21, 2008 in English League Football | 2 comments

In the football anthology “My Favourite Year”, Nick Hornby ruminates upon the subject of generation gap in football and the irony of seeing Peter Lorimer (in his final season at Leeds United) playing against Andy Sinton (in his first season as a seventeen year-old for Cambridge United). An icon of the 1970s lining up against a star of the 1990s. I was...

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Championship Contenders

By on Mar 20, 2008 in English League Football | 4 comments

You have to, in some senses, wonder what they have to do in order to win any praise. With an extraordinarily close league table and three out of four of the places in the FA Cup semi-finals, you’d think that the media might just take the opportunity to reappraise the Championship, but no. On one of the very few occasions that The Guardian takes its eyes of the...

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