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The FIFA World Club Cup 2008 (Part Two)

By on Dec 11, 2008 in Latest | 5 comments

As promised last night, here’s the second half of our look at the competitors in this year’s FIFA World Club Cup, starting with the representatives from the host nation, Japan. Host Nation Representatives: Gamba Osaka (Japan) Who Are They, Then? Gamba Osaka are one of just six clubs never to have been relegated from the J-League since it began in 1992....

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The FIFA World Club Cup 2008

By on Dec 11, 2008 in Latest | 2 comments

Is it that time of year again already? Long time readers will remember this site’s visit to the FIFA World Club Cup in 2006, and we have continued what is now becoming the tradition of lavishing attention on this tournament, which is surely the most peculiar in the football calendar. This year’s World Club Cup will be the last to be held in Japan for a...

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Another Week, Another Non-League Financial Crisis

By on Dec 10, 2008 in Finance, Non-League | 1 comment

One of these days, an article on this site won’t be categorised as “Clubs In Crisis” and “Non-League” at the same time, but it feels as if this season is turning into one long crisis for a number of semi-professional clubs. It’s getting to the stage of being a little bit repetitive, and this week’s contenders, Stafford...

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Match Of The Week: AFC Bournemouth 1-0 Chester City

By on Dec 9, 2008 in English League Football | 0 comments

It’s not what we’d want, this points deduction business, but it is making the bottom of League Two very interesting indeed. There is a definite feeling that, having seen the points deductions handed out to AFC Bournemouth, Rotherham United and Luton Town, many other participants in that particular division decided that they fancied a year off. The...

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Bidding Themselves Into A Hole?

By on Dec 6, 2008 in Latest | 1 comment

Spurred on by Glasgow’s successful bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the Scottish Football Association is now looking at hosting the 2016 European Championships. The road to hosting a major tournament, however, is seldom a smooth one, and Scotland seems likely to have major difficulties in being able to persuade UEFA that this is going to something that...

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