Posts made in December, 2007

Baker & Kelly – A New Download

By on Dec 30, 2007 in Latest | 2 comments

You know what? Over the last couple of weeks or so, I’d rather forgotten about these Baker & Kelly downloads. Well, not so much “forgotten” as “repeatedly thought that I should really start putting these up again and, erm, not doing it”. Anyway, it has been drawn to my attention that this blog has got a mention on their Facebook...

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The Most Objectionable Player Of 2007

By on Dec 30, 2007 in English League Football | 4 comments

At any point over the last five years or so, Craig Bellamy would have been a shoo-in for any “Most Objectionable Player Of The Year” award, but Craig has had, by his own standards, a quiet year, so there can only be one winner in 2007 – Joey Barton. Now, I don’t know what the demons are that plague Barton’s mind and I’m no amateur...

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A Mixed Day

By on Dec 29, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

It had been a great afternoon, even to be at home with a bunged up, well, everything, watching the latest goals coming in on BBC Score. Spurs and Reading were involved in yet another extraordinary match at White Hart Lane (and my, hasn’t there been a lot of those in the Premier League this season?), whilst West Ham United performed their annual stunt of...

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Five Quick New Year Wishes

By on Dec 28, 2007 in Latest | 7 comments

Obviously, in an ideal world I’d say “knickers” to football and go for the alpaca (see left), but this isn’t really an option and, besides, this place remains a football blog rather than an alpaca blog (although I’m open to suggestion on this subject as well). Anyway, I’m still a little feverish, so here are a handful of hopes for...

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