Posts made in September, 2007

Your Friday Night Radio Compendium

By on Sep 21, 2007 in Latest | 3 comments

I’m planning, for the first time (although some of you might not believe me) to write about something other than football on here this evening. High excitement, indeed. In the meantime, though, the latest Baker & Kelly podcast is available to download here and, for those of you that simply can’t get enough of them (and I’m averaging about...

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Blue Is The Colour

By on Sep 20, 2007 in English League Football | 1 comment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last twelve hours, you’ll be fully aware that Chelsea have sacked Jose Mourinho. Coming hot on the heels of the Brian Clough link that I put up on here last night, it counts as one of the madder decisions of the last few years or so. The tensions between Roman Abramovich and Jose Mourinho had been building...

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It’s Oh So Quiet

By on Sep 19, 2007 in Latest | 2 comments

First of all, something of an apology to any of you that might have lumped your money on OM to take a hiding at the hands of Besiktas last night on the strength of how awful I said they were last Saturday. They were really dreadful, I promise. Still, as I’ve said before, anyone that takes my opinion on anything in the slightest bit seriously should really...

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La Marseillaise

By on Sep 18, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

If you happen to be a Liverpool supporter, then I’ve got good news for you. Olympique de Marseille, who are drawn against them in the group stages of this year’s European Cup, are lousy this year. Rotten. And if you want any further proof of this, consider that Toulouse, who Liverpool brushed aside in the last round of that competition without even...

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Scotland The Brave

By on Sep 17, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

Ever since their stunning win at the 1998 World Cup and subsequent permanent placement at (or near) the head of the European football table, I have found something disquieting about the pre-eminence of the French national team. I should point out at this juncture that I am a Francophile of some note. I love the country, the culture and, yes, its football. The...

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