Posts made in June, 2007

City Of Dreams

By on Jun 22, 2007 in English League Football | 0 comments

I occasionally feel as if the football world is living in the last days of Rome. The lead piping that drove the Empire mad is being recreated by the strange band of investors that have decided that Premier League football is the place to be, and the poisoned water is money, which will slowly but surely drive the World’s Biggest League mad. The process has...

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A Bridge Over Troubled Water

By on Jun 21, 2007 in English League Football | 0 comments

As I briefly mentioned last night, in the summer, the “silly season” kicks in. As parliament breaks up for the summer, news desks run out of stories to print, and the assorted hacks start looking elsewhere for items to fill up the column inches, and stories that would never otherwise be allowed near our hallowed newspapers get an airing. This isn’t...

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Alexi’s Sale

By on Jun 20, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

I’m starting to get the feeling that there is a media conspiracy in the media on both sides of the Atlantic to cause antagonism and friction between English football supporters and their American counterparts. The latest salvo in this “war” (and remember, kids that this is a very quiet time of year on British newspaper sports desks) has come from...

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The Kids Are Alright

By on Jun 19, 2007 in Latest | 1 comment

Walking back from work through the centre of Brighton earlier this evening, I noted that one of the pubs was advertising England’s semi-final in the Under-21 Euros against Holland last night. I was somewhat surprised by this. I mean, I know that it would be kind of nice for an England team to win something (can you believe that it has now been 10 years since...

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United We Stand?

By on Jun 19, 2007 in Non-League | 3 comments

Some of you may have been wondering why I haven’t been posting as much as usual on here. Well, it’s partly because it’s such a quiet time of year. There’ll be a full write-up on the Under 21 European Championships so far on here in the next couple of days or so (Enormous excitement! England are in the semi-finals!), and I’m hoping to...

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