Posts made in April, 2007

Poles Apart

By on Apr 19, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

There have been many people that have viewed the appointment of Michel Platini as the head of UEFA as a bad decision, and I can kind of see their point. The rich are getting richer and hungrier for real control over the game, and Platini’s appointment might yet cause a schism within European football that proves to be irreparable. Having said that, though, do...

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Pride Of London?

By on Apr 18, 2007 in English League Football | 4 comments

With a swoosh of his cloak, and a church organ almost certainly playing in the background, David Dein left the Emirates Stadium for the last time today. At least, the last time for now. The former Arsenal vice-chairman will almost certainly back at some point in the future. After all, Premiership football is about to enter a whole new cash bonanza. Such a fiscally...

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Rockingham Rolling

By on Apr 17, 2007 in Non-League | 0 comments

Right. Imagine the scenario: you’re the chairman of a football club, and there are two games to go of the season. Your team is second in the League, with only one automatic promotion place available. You’re two points off the top of the table, but the team above you have a game in hand. However, it has been one of those seasons in which everybody has...

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If You Think That Things Are Bad Now…

By on Apr 16, 2007 in English League Football | 2 comments

I’ve pointed out on here before that Premiership managers seem to be getting more and more opinionated on matters that, frankly, don’t concern them. A few weeks ago, Rafael Benitez inspired my ire for suggesting that the Football League should be turned into a dumping ground for the Premiership’s reserve teams, and today it’s the turn of...

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By on Apr 15, 2007 in Latest | 1 comment

You like to think that it’s just eleven men against eleven, that anything could happen and probably will, as the old tag-line used to have it. That’s not really how it works, though, is it? A lot of the time it can be grindingly, crushingly predictable. This weekend’s events in the FA Cup have proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that the top end of...

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