Posts made in April, 2007

Points Mean Prizes

By on Apr 30, 2007 in English League Football | 3 comments

Depending on your view of West Ham United, the FA’s decision to fine them £5.5m is either a rare case of them calling a disciplinary decision correctly or they fudged it to avoid making a difficult decision. On the one hand, £5.5m is a lot of money. It’s out of the league of the fines that are usually handed out for this sort of thing. On the other hand,...

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Marching Down Together

By on Apr 29, 2007 in English League Football, Finance | 3 comments

There is still a chance that they can stay up. If Leeds United can beat Derby County by eight goals next Sunday and Hull City lose their match, it will be the team from the east coast that drop, but I can’t see it happening, can you? The fact that this whole, sorry saga has been, in a mathematical sense, dragged out to the last day of the season is fairly...

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A Public Service Announcement

By on Apr 28, 2007 in Latest | 3 comments

As you may have noticed, I have been writing about football here for almost twelve months. To allow myself a creative outlet for my passion for television, I’ve started a new blog to run alongside this one. You can have a look at it here. Let me know if you want to be linked from it. Now, as it’s Saturday… booze...

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Buying And Selling, Buying And Selling…

By on Apr 27, 2007 in English League Football | 0 comments

One of the abiding talking points of this football season has been the cost of it all. Whether it’s Premiership clubs seeing more and more empty seats at their matches, the possibility of even higher wages being offered to the best (or most marketable players), or the funding and financial structure of football clubs themselves, it’s all been about...

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Must Try Harder

By on Apr 26, 2007 in Latest | 1 comment

Having reached the half-way point in the European Cup semi-finals (because, let’s face it, it is a cup rather than a league now, and anyone that tells you any differently is being frankly delusional), and I can to report back to you that I have seen absolutely nothing that has changed my opinion of the state of European football at the moment. As I’ve...

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