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Web Round-Up

By on Mar 29, 2007 in Latest | 4 comments

I’m somewhat glad that we’re through with the European Championships for a while. It’s too much football and not enough football at the same time. If you missed all of it this week, you’ll be able to catch it all on Saturday, on “Football Focus”. The next couple of days will give us all a few days to catch our collective breath,...

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Bloody Hell.

By on Mar 28, 2007 in Latest | 6 comments

For those of you looking at this tomorrow morning, I didn’t sneak back and add my prediction for the England match after the final whistle. A 3-0 win away to Andorra. The result alone says quite a lot, really, but there was much more to it than that. As has been noted elsewhere, Andorra, with ten men behind the ball, kicking away at the English midfield like...

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Wednesday Night Fever

By on Mar 28, 2007 in Latest | 2 comments

I’ve cajoled someone into watching Andorra vs England with me tonight, so this will have to be fairly quick. Several things have come up which don’t warrant whole pieces devoted to them and, of course, I’ll probably find the time later tonight for a quick round up of all of tonight’s shenanigans (though I might be quite drunk, so apologies in...

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Second Strings

By on Mar 27, 2007 in English League Football | 4 comments

If there’s one thing to be said about modern managers, it’s that they come out with a more or less constant stream of crap. It keeps most of us humble bloggers in business, you know. Whether it’s Mike Newell criticising women (and now may be a pertinent time to point out that he is currently out of work, whilst the assistant referee that he slated...

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Single European Currency

By on Mar 26, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

Way back when, in the days of midweek highlights only on the television for international football matches, there was a strong sense of order to proceedings. An hour-long edition of “Sportsnight” would feature England’s latest bumblings at a quarter-full Wembley, followed by brief highlights of Scotland and Wales, before finishing up with Northern...

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