Posts made in January, 2007

History Repeating Itself

By on Jan 25, 2007 in Latest | 2 comments

An update from the Surrey/London border tonight. It would appear that I called the AFC Wimbledon ineligible player saga incorrectly. Rather than the problem being the loan player (see the previous post on the matter for further details – it’s in the January archive somewhere), it would appear that the issue was Jermaine Darlington, who they had signed...

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The Mad Old Lady

By on Jan 24, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

As some of you may recall, I spent much of the summer alternately chuckling and raging over Juventus’ demotion to Serie B and their subsequent lack of grace in throwing around various threats about what they would do to the Italian FA as soon as it became clear exactly how much it was going to cost them. Those of you who, like me, enjoy dipping their toes into...

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Derby Days

By on Jan 23, 2007 in Latest | 1 comment

A few weeks ago, I congratulated the Nationwide Conference for scheduling a round of local derby matches for Boxing Day. Never mind that I couldn’t go: it provided a big boost to crowds at a level of football where match day revenue means more or less everything. Bearing this in mind, why on earth did they choose to put the return fixtures on this evening? The...

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Moving The Goalposts

By on Jan 22, 2007 in Latest | 5 comments

So… goalposts. They’re an absolutely integral part of the game, but you don’t really hear that much about them, do you? Before every World Cup, there’ll be a debate about the balls that they’re using. How much lighter they are than before, what colour they are, how long it’ll be before they just give up and start using beach...

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Gamblers Anonymous

By on Jan 21, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

How typical it is that, on the weekend that the FA schedule the big four to be playing against each other, that the most interesting story of the weekend should come at The Madejski Stadium, during Reading’s 3-1 defeat of Sheffield United, where Neil Warnock and the Reading assistant manager Wally Downes were sent off for nearly having a fight with each other....

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