January 2007

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Come On You… Reds?

There are, in all likelihood, three years until the next General Election in this country, but that doesn’t mean that the electioneering hasn’t started already. There was a time in this country, of course, when we football supporters were pariahs, deemed worthy of David Evans lamentable and deplorable membership scheme, and blamed for Hillsborough and…

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January 31, 2007

State Of The Nations

Apropos nothing, I got involved in a debate today over the involvement of a British football team in the 2012 Olympic Games. It has dawned upon me over the course of the afternoon that this is a subject that I haven’t tackled on here before, so (stifle your yawns, boys and girls) here we go….

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January 30, 2007

Grandstand: An Obituary

So, farewell then, “Grandstand”. The BBC’s flagship sports programme closed for business after nearly forty-nine years on Saturday, so today we’re going to take a moment to say goodbye to it once and for all. The BBC had initially announced that the programme was to be scaled down and phased out by 2009, so the…

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January 29, 2007

Another Saturday And Sweet FA

Well, the FA Cup Fourth Round kicks off in half an hour or so, with Luton Town playing Blackburn Rovers at Kenilworth Road. It’s probably too much to ask for Luton to repeat the entertainment that they gave us last year, when they raced into a two goal lead against Liverpool in the Third Round….

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January 27, 2007

The Chairman Of The Board

So after 17 years, Lennart Johansson has been ousted, and Michel Platini is the new President of UEFA. There are those that are concerned about this, primarily because he was endorsed by Sepp “Weak” Blatter. Now Blatter has many faults, but he has backed the winning horse here, in my humble opinion. Platini wants to…

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January 26, 2007

History Repeating Itself

An update from the Surrey/London border tonight. It would appear that I called the AFC Wimbledon ineligible player saga incorrectly. Rather than the problem being the loan player (see the previous post on the matter for further details – it’s in the January archive somewhere), it would appear that the issue was Jermaine Darlington, who…

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January 25, 2007

The Mad Old Lady

As some of you may recall, I spent much of the summer alternately chuckling and raging over Juventus’ demotion to Serie B and their subsequent lack of grace in throwing around various threats about what they would do to the Italian FA as soon as it became clear exactly how much it was going to…

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January 24, 2007
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