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There May Not Be Trouble Ahead

By on Dec 18, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

Oh, to be fly on the wall when Fabio Capello meets the England squad for the first time, if only to see the look on Michael Owen’s face. This is, at least, a man that has been there, seen it, done it and almost certainly won it and, in that respect if nothing else, it throws into sharp focus what an amazingly bad appointment Steve McClaren was. It’s...

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And The World Champions Are… Milan.

By on Dec 16, 2007 in Latest | 0 comments

Perhaps surprisingly, the FIFA Club World Cup left the best until last, with two magnificent matches to mark the end of the 2007 competition. In the first match, for third place, Urawa Red Diamonds came from a goal down to lead Etoile Sportive De Sahel 2-1, before a horrific goalkeeping error pegged them back to a penalty shoot-out, which the Japanese side won on...

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Television Stand

By on Dec 15, 2007 in Non-League | 3 comments

Sometime, you just have to make a stand. I’ve said on here before that the formation of FC United of Manchester was about more than the issue of the Glazer takeover at Old Trafford. It was a movement which gathered it momentum from a more general disillusionment with the direction that modern football was taking. Whether it was sponsorship, ownership or moving...

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Bosphoric Acid

By on Dec 13, 2007 in Non-League | 1 comment

Well, here’s a cautionary tale, should Umbro ever take it upon themselves to follow through the increasing amounts of red on England shirts to its logical conclusion. A Turkish lawyer is planning on suing Internazionale for wearing a shirt with a red cross on the front of it. It seems pretty straightforward to me that the man is either desperately seeking...

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The Steamroller Is In Town

By on Dec 12, 2007 in Latest | 6 comments

They might not be the most famous club in the world – that dubious honour probably lies with Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United – but they are one of the most successful club sides in the history of the game. They are a football juggernaut, with a hint of controversy about them and a record both at home and in Europe and at home that is second...

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