Posts made in October, 2006

Theatre Of Dreams

By on Oct 25, 2006 in Latest | 0 comments

I was idly thinking about the arrival of Dennis Wise at Leeds United this morning. I’ve covered Leeds’ woes on here before and, I have to confess, chuckled quietly to myself at every stuffing they’ve taken this season, and it’s a sign of how far they’ve come that their newest manager has arrived at Elland Road from the powerhouse that...

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Come On You Rovers!

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Melchester Rovers. Is there any more evocative name in the history of English football? Well, yes. To be exact about it, there are dozens – but I’d bet a pound to a penny that you wouldn’t be able to think of a more evocative non-existent football club name. Melchester Rovers were the team featured in “Roy Of The Rovers”, the...

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The Consumer Society

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Loathe as I am to wish to be seen to flogging the proverbial dead horse, events at Hillsborough on Saturday, where a crowd of 300 people demonstrated against the sacking of manager Paul Sturrock, felt almost like a nostalgia trip. You don’t see this sort of thing any more. Particularly when you take into account the fact that the demonstrators were taking the...

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Split Ends

By on Oct 22, 2006 in Latest | 2 comments

Quite asides the myriad of other objections that I hold towards it, one of the more dispiriting things about midweek European football is the way that it buggers up the weekends after it. In the Premiership, there were no matches of any major significance. Chelsea, thanks to a judicious amount of profligacy in front of goal, made remarkably hard work of beating a...

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Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

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This is a clearing up exercise, really – all the things that I have been pondering over the last few days. I haven’t spent this week only thinking about old football computer games, I promise. Firstly, I have noted with interest a couple of mentions elsewhere to Reading and Wigan Athletic not being “proper football clubs”. There is definitely...

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