Monthly Archive: July 2006

Summer Lovin’ 4

Summer Lovin’

So… the World Cup is over and done with, and the close season is finally, finally, upon us, right? Well… wrong. Looking through my newspaper yesterday, I noted that the club season, in the...

Winners & Losers 3

Winners & Losers

I was going to write a lengthy article summing up this tournament as a whole, but then I sat there and thought… there will be hundreds of people all doing the same thing. Two...

No Ifs Or Butts 10

No Ifs Or Butts

Italy 1-1 France (Italy win 5-3 on Penalties) Oh, Zizou. What a stupid, stupid thing to do. Into extra-time, and staring down the barrel of a penalty shoot-out. Having already lost Vieira and Henry...

Gah! 0


I’ve run out of time! Italy. I’ve just got a feeling about them. Don’t know why.

A Host Of Entertainment 1

A Host Of Entertainment

Germany 3-1 Portugal At half-time last night, I rather thought that I had, as promised, jinxed proceedings. But then the Germans came out and played. As I said yesterday, I really enjoy the World...

10 Ways To Improve Football 2

10 Ways To Improve Football

I’m something of a traditionalist, really. There has been a considerable amount of debate over the last few days over the quality of football played at this World Cup, and whether rule changes are...

In Praise Of The Third Place Play-Off 1

In Praise Of The Third Place Play-Off

It’s Germany against Portugal tomorrow, in possibly the least important match of the World Cup. I’m really, really looking forward to it. The third-place play-off may seem like just some sort of FIFA marketing...

Phew – What A Scorcher 5

Phew – What A Scorcher

I’m not completely sure what to make of this. It was a surprise, I’ll say that much. Snappy Mick was especially delighted. Actually, the first thing I thought was, “Christ, I’ve got to email...