Posts made in July, 2006

United We Stand

By on Jul 31, 2006 in English League Football | 6 comments

Well, there was a moderately interesting weekend of football played over the last couple of days, but I rather think that the novelty of friendlies has worn off, and I’m starting to get impatient for the full season to get under way. In the friendlies, Manchester United came a bit of a cropper by going down 2-1 at Preston (although they did field a team...

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Single European Currency

By on Jul 28, 2006 in Latest | 2 comments

Well, the English interest in the European Cup began in earnest this morning, when Liverpool and Arsenal got their draws in the European Cup (“Champions League”, my arse) third qualifying round. Both of them should, theoretically, sail through, though Liverpool’s players and supporters have justified reasons to be more than a little bit nervous at...

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A Stirling Performance

By on Jul 27, 2006 in Latest | 6 comments

My various rantings on Scottish football have probably been boring all you bar one person all week (and there’s every chance that they’re boring him too), but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give a mention to East Stirlingshire – possibly the worst team in the history of British senior football. This is a team that has amassed a grand...

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A Few Thoughts Before I Go To Bed

By on Jul 26, 2006 in English League Football | 2 comments

With all this getting needlessly over-excited about the forthcoming Scottish league season (and I don’t really know where that came from), I feel rather as if I’ve neglected this week’s news highlights, and it’s been rather a peculiar week, news-wise. First up, Liverpool have acquired Birmingham’s enfant terrible, Jermaine Pennant, for...

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Say Hi-Hi To Your Mom

By on Jul 26, 2006 in History, Latest, Scottish Football | 5 comments

I thought I’d continue with my Caledonian theme, what with the Scottish League starting this weekend and everything. The plight of East Stirlingshire to follow tomorrow (or maybe later tonight), but tonight I’d thought I’d focus on Glasgow’s long-forgotten “third” club (and I say this in full knowledge of the existence of Partick...

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