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Who Are They?

By on Jul 25, 2006 in English League Football | 0 comments

Was there ever a more ridiculous advert than the Milk Council’s “Accrington Stanley” one of the mid-1980s? “Accrington Stanley?”, bellowed a dreadful little Scouse kid, apparently spurred on By Ian Rush, “Who are they?”. “Exactly!”, spat his equally obnoxious little friend. I know that it was all just a joke,...

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Too Orangey For Popes

By on Jul 24, 2006 in Latest | 7 comments

When I got in from work this evening, I sat down and watched the somewhat infamous Rangers-Celtic derby match from 1987. As I said yesterday, this watch something that I’d been delighted to find in order to download. It’s a match that has gone down in history as one of the most ill-tempered in the history of British football. In 1987, Rangers had brought...

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Sunday Sunday

By on Jul 23, 2006 in Latest | 8 comments

Apart from watching a torpid five minutes of Celtic-Everton on Channel 5 this afternoon, I’ve had a relatively football-free weekend. This is what the end of July should be like. A bit of golf on the television, enough cheap Tequila last night to floor an elephant. Lazy days indeed. A time to feel footloose and fancy-free before the stomch-knotting domestic...

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A Friendly Word

By on Jul 22, 2006 in English League Football | 7 comments

First up, we passed 10,000 visitors yesterday. So, thank you for stopping by (again). The new season starts next week in Scotland, and I daresay that there’ll be a full preview of that on here at some point over the next seven days (unless I can find someone to write it for he it’ll have to be done by me – I should probably start researching it),...

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Coke Is The Real Thing

By on Jul 20, 2006 in Latest | 3 comments

So, Shaun Newton… busted. The biggest surprise of the whole story to me wasn’t that he’d been caught having taken the old Bolivian Marching Powder, rather that he was playing at West Ham when he was. Most Wolves fans will tell you that he spent much of his time at Molineux as if under the influence of a very heavy dose of mogadon. That he was in a...

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