Posts made in June, 2006

Czech Mate

By on Jun 22, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 2 comments

Czech 0-2 Italy / Ghana 2-1 USA You have to respect the Italian fans. They’re the only set of fans in the whole of the World Cup that are even more pessimistic than England’s. They dropped two points against the USA (whose sole tactic appeared to be kick the Italians very hard), and the country was plumetted into depression. There was nothing really to...

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Dutch Courage

By on Jun 21, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 3 comments

Argentina 0-0 Holland / Ivory Coast 3-2 Serbia May I just be the first person to say… WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? As some of you may remember, in Euro 2000, Holland and France had qualified before their final match, against each other. They were amongst the favourites to win the competition, and, released from the worry of whether they’d make it through or...

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Mexican Waves

By on Jun 21, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 0 comments

Mexico 1-2 Portugal / Angola 1-1 Iran Well, they made their fans sweat. I’ll say that much for them. Mexico came within an inch of getting themselves knocked out, in spite of being seeded and, apparently, the fourth best team in the world (before you start complaining, this is FIFA’s view, and not mine). They didn’t even manage this in a...

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Today In Germany…

By on Jun 21, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 6 comments

Today’s matches are all about the subtleties and finer points of what the group phase will look like. This afternoon, Mexico play Portugal, and Iran play Angola. Portugal are already through, but first place is their minimum aim – the runners-up in this group are likely to be playing Argentina in the second round. So, don’t expect Portugal to put...

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A Mixed Bag

By on Jun 20, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 4 comments

England 2-2 Sweden / Trinidad & Tobago 0-2 Paraguay A mixed bag indeed, but at least the Sven-bashers haven’t got quite as much of a leg to stand on as they had previously. His hand was forced by the horrible first minute injury to Michael Owen. Well, I hope that the Owen-bashers are happy too. There’s a good chance that he’ll be out for the...

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