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A Quick One, Before You Go Away

By on May 31, 2006 in Latest | 1 comment

If you haven’t seen this, then I suggest that you devour all of it. Very quickly. I have said for a considerable amount of time that the BBC don’t make enough use of their massive sports archive, and I’m delighted to see that, for this World Cup, they have, to an extent proved me wrong. It’s all here and, particularly delightfully from my...

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England 3 Hungary 1

By on May 30, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 2 comments

I’m probably in a minority in so far as that I really enjoy these friendly matches. No pressure, no stress, just an exhibition involving some of the best footballers in Europe. If they contrive get their back-sides spanked by, say, Denmark or Australia, we can put it down to a bad day at the office and get on with it. Tonight’s match was an intriguing...

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Paradise Found?

By on May 29, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 2 comments

The state of the England football supporter is an unusual one, and not a pleasant one. Disliked by more or less everyone, and with ludicrously over-optimistic hopes fuelled by a media that thrives on peaks and troughs (and nothing in-between), it can be a fairly unhappy existence. No genuine England supporter was surprised by Wayne Rooney’s ropey metatarsal...

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By on May 29, 2006 in International Football, Latest | 1 comment

And finally, after six weeks, we’re back. Between them, Bulldog and BT have contrived to make for six weeks’ worth of internet-free living. I’d love to say that I spent this time expanding my mind, broadening my horizons and wallowing in culture but it would be, as I daresay you’ve already guessed, an utter lie. What I have been doing for the...

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