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Winter Wonderland?

By on Dec 26, 2006 in Latest | 1 comment

Well, good morning everyone and, if I may say so, a very merry Christmas to you all. You will have noted that I managed another correct prediction – Les Reed was, sensitively enough, sacked from the Charlton job on Christmas Eve, and Alan Pardew has been installed in his place. Too little, too late? We shall see. Moving onto more substantial matters, today...

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The Boot Room

By on Dec 23, 2006 in Latest | 0 comments

Back at the start of the 1998-99 season, the DJ and broadcaster Danny Baker offered his listeners a bet. He was so outraged at bookmakers only offering 200/1 against Charlton Athletic winning the Premier League, that he offered anyone that sent him in £5 a Range Rover if Charlton did it. I don’t know what you’d have to offer someone to get them to bet on...

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A Few Final Thoughts

By on Dec 17, 2006 in Latest | 5 comments

Okay. It’s… ooh… five past four in the morning, and time for some final thoughts in the World Club Cup. Did the best team win? Well, the layout of it the competition didn’t really allow us to find out. Do Europe’s top sides simply not take it seriously? Are the Brazilian club sides really that good? These are largely imponderables, but...

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Inside The Mixed Zone

By on Dec 17, 2006 in Latest | 0 comments

Of course, there was no real need for me to be in the “Mixed Zone”, the area where the players meet the press after the match. I speak no Portuguese at all beyond “obrigado”, and my Spanish probably prevents me from doing a great deal more than asking Victor Valdes for a two beers and a ham sandwich, por favor. The journalists are split into...

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FC Barcelona vs SC Internacional

By on Dec 17, 2006 in Latest | 9 comments

Right ho, then. Another truncated version of the “FIFA Anthem”, and we’re ready to go (and might I briefly register my surprise at the number of hacks that actually stood for it – it represents “all 207 member nations of the FIFA family”, apparently). 7.20: And we’re off. Barca must have the toss, because they’re in...

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