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Earning Your Stripes

By on Nov 8, 2006 in Latest | 0 comments

It is the FA Cup First Round this weekend. Now, I simply don’t need to be whipped up into an almost obscene fervour about the world’s greatest cup competition, but I suspect that some of you might be, so I’m kicking off the preview early. This weekend, the clubs from League One and League Two join the party, and I daresay that there will be some...

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Albanian Devils

By on Nov 7, 2006 in Latest | 1 comment

There are a few phrases in football that instantly make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. For inexplicable reasons, the first one that springs to mind is, “FA Cup fifth round replay”. Actually, that is explicable – it’s that delicious stage in the season when we’re almost into the home straight, but not quite, when the...

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The Trans-Europe Express

By on Nov 6, 2006 in Latest | 2 comments

Sorry if you found the picture there a little bit unpleasant. For those of you that haven’t already guessed, I select the pictures for this blog by typing in the subject of what I’m writing about into Google Image Search and scrolling through it until I find something that amuses me in some way or other. Quality research, I think you’ll agree....

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A Quick Appeal

By on Nov 6, 2006 in Latest | 3 comments

I’m not sure what I did expect when I started this blog up, at the end of May. However, five months on, I feel as we’re settled into a comfortable little groove. First of all, thank you to all of you that continue to stop by and read. I don’t know who many of you are, but you’re all jolly welcome, all the same. I thought I’d take the...

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Schadenfreude Sunday

By on Nov 5, 2006 in Latest | 0 comments

I hereby declare today to be Schadenfreude Sunday. Enjoy it while it lasts, because days like this don’t come about very often. Chelsea, Arsenal and Rangers all losing on the same day? My cup runneth over. I watched the match at White Hart Lane this afternoon, and Spurs did out play Chelsea. Considering the rumours coming out of Stamford Bridge towards the end...

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