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Euro Moments: Poland

Twohundredpercent’s semi-resident artist (he has a kennel out the back) Dotmund loves international football almost as much as he fears shop mannequins. So, to celebrate the approach of UEFA Euro 2012, he has produced...

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Mungo S04E04

Our hero Mungo McCrackas is finding it hard settling into his new club, Primrose Hill Ramblers. Not least because their gimlet-eyed chairman has realised he has a number of unfortunate shortcomings as a footballer.

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The Friday Picture: Bonus Paid Content

The football blogosphere’s latest big topic is the issue of making certain content available to subscribers only. It’s a bit of a hot potato. But it’s one which Dotmund fears is likely to snowball...

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Mungo S04E01

Some of you may have been worried about the fate of Mungo McCrackas, currently the world’s third-best Scottish football player. You’ll be pleased to hear that he rides again thanks to the dazzling pen...

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Thursday picture: Puzzle Time!

With the good name of British journalism currently hanging in the balance, by which I mean “everyone is realising that it’s as wantonly venal as we always suspected”, Twohundredpercent leaps to its aid with...