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Friday picture: Footballing tennis dads

This week’s Picture That Dotmund Did is a double whammy of art and LEARNING. As we are now in the middle of the Australian Open Tennis, your correspondent (who likes tennis so much that...

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Mungo S03E23

In this week’s visit to Heart of Clachmaninshire, the usual rubbish happens. Dotmund is responsible, blame him. Click for full-size

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Friday picture: Blackburn’s brave new world

Your correspondent got himself all excited this week when he read an internet rumour (it must be true!) that none other than Diego Maradona was on his was to the North West to discuss...

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Mungo S03E22

Heart of Clachmaninshire are well on their way to getting their season back on track as Dennis Wise starts his first day in the Director of Football job. There’s seemingly only one piece of...

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(pre-)Friday Essay: Succeeding Roy Hodgson

Dotmund has been beavering away this morning and no mistake. He’s brought his illustrated Friday Essay forward by 12-odd hours in what is bound to be an ultimately doomed attempt to keep his finger...

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Mungo S03E21

As if those post-Christmas blues weren’t hitting you hard enough, Mungo is back on Twohundredpercent. But the chances of him playing any football have been severely hit by the weather and an influx of...