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Shit Shot Mungo: Series Two, Episode Fourteen

This week’s episode of “Shit Shot Mungo” features the aftermath of Heart of Clackmannanshire’s outstanding 3-0 win last week. Glen Roeder is sacked as the Director of Football and, after a viral outbreak at the club, the club’s new plutocratic owner brings in a plague doctor in to help out.

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Shit Shot Mungo: Series 2 Episode 13

In this week’s Shit Shot Mungo, the new Heart of Clackmanannshire benefactor Faisal Wally Camel has something of a maverick streak and, in this week’s “Shit Shot Mungo”, he decides to appoint, well, the first person that he comes up in the street as the club’s new manager.

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Shit Shot Mungo: Series Two Episode Twelve

This week’s episode of “Shit Shot Mungo” brings together the club’s new owner, food additive magnate Faisal Wally Camel and the Heart of Clackmannanshire chairman, magnet magnate Sir Roddy Bulbs as they discuss their plans for the future of the club, while Bert Harris finds that new signing Mohammed Abdul Harry Bassett is a nemesis of his from days of old

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Shit Shot Mungo: S02E11

This week’s Shit Shot Mungo sees the Clackas thrust suddenly into a deep and sudden financial crisis after chairman and magnet magnate Sir Roddy Bulbs’ money runs out. With the team resorting to drastic measures to make end meet, though, a mysterious figure appears from the shadows…

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E10

It’s a little bit later than usual, but here’s this week’s episode of Shit Shot Mungo. This week’s episode sees Heart of Clackmannanshire lose 101-0, while chairman Sir Roddy Bulbs finds out that the bottom may be falling out of the magnet market. Tense times.

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E09

Celebrity Ghost Agent Eric Hall is the new Clackas’ manager and his first team selection is a controversial one in this week’s “Shit Shot Mungo”. Lobster lobster, indeed. Can he reverse their fortunes? Probably not.

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E08

Another week, another new manager. Scottish crisis club Heart of Clackmannannshire need a steadying influence, and that man is Celebrity Ghost Agent Eric Hall.

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Shit Shot Mungo – S02E07

Time, then, for your weekly dose of Mungo. This week sees Sir Roddy Bulbs slow descent towards insanity gather pace with the purchase of a panda. You can get a bigger version of this...

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E06

Some of you may have noticed that we have a new look going on here this evening. It is still a work in progress, but should be finished at some point over the next...

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Shit Shot Mungo – S02E05

The new season has started, perhaps unsurprisingly, with a crisis for Heart of Clackmanannshire. The Scottish club have lost first league match, during which time chairman and magnet magnate Sir Roddy Bulbs managed to...

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Shit Shot Mungo s02e04

Last week’s Shit Shot Mungo saw Glen Roeder surprisingly installed as the manager of Heart of Clackmannanshire on the eve of the start of the new season. This week’s episode sees Roeder’s new club...

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Shit Shot Mungo s02e03

It’s the first match of the new season for Heart of Clackmannanshire, and new manager Glen Roeder has his first chance to show off his skills in the Scottish Premier League in this week’s...

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E02

Well, the start of the new season is, of course, all very exciting, and nowhere is it more exciting than in Scotland, where Heart of Clackmannannshire are preparing for a new season in which...

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Shit Shot Mungo S02E01

Well, the new season is almost upon us, so it’s time for Season Two of “Shit Shot Mungo” to begin. This week’s episode kicks off (if you’ll pardon the pun) with the team on...