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“The Boys From The West Of Scotland Don’t Scare Easily”: Rangers At War

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It comes to something when John Brown produces the most prescient analysis of your football club’s fortunes. Last summer, the ex-Rangers man told anyone who wanted to listen (and a fair few who didn’t) that he knew “what’s going on” at Rangers, in the early days of no-nonsense Yorkshireman Charles Green’s lively leadership. “What do you know, John?” an increasingly...

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Interviews With The Vampires Part Two: Charles Green Meets Keys & Gray

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It is a story that, depending on which side of Glasgow football’s ‘Old Firm’ fence you sit, either keeps on giving or won’t go away, even if its central figure since last May supposedly has gone away. Charles Green, erstwhile Rangers CEO and serial belier of the phrase “no-nonsense”, left the Ibrox board on the thirty-first of May, as promised when he left his...

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100 Owners: Number 72 – Jim Ballantyne (Airdrie United & Airdrieonians)

By on Jun 4, 2013 in Latest, Scottish Football | 3 comments

It may be a cause of celebration for supporters of the club itself, but the news that Scottish Football League Second Division club Airdrie United are changing their name to Airdrieonians will for many others only serve to act as a reminder of the circumstances which led to this club taking its place in the Scottish Football League in the first place. The events of...

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Dumber & Dumber Still – The Birth Of Achill Islam CSC

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The language was fierce. Emotions were clearly running high. “Total scum.”  Disgusting filth.” “Absolute scum.” “Vile f***ers.”  “Terror-loving scum.” A whole group of people condemned – as scum, mostly – for the actions, supposedly in the name of those people, of a very few. Far-right extremists have been the focus of attention in Britain since the grisly...

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Donald Findlay’s Casebook, And How Supporters Direct Scotland Got It Right

By on Apr 19, 2013 in Latest, Scottish Football | 7 comments

I know. I shouldn’t look at the BBC Football website… Moments after I’d done reading about “PR” Peter Ridsdale, I was shouting “WTF” at the national broadcaster’s pages once more. All but one of the Scottish football headlines yesterday referred to the Scottish FA’s readiness to act over league reform. And whilst the concept of “SFA readiness to act” was novel...

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Charles Green On STV: No “Nonsense”

By on Apr 12, 2013 in Latest, Scottish Football | 7 comments

So, Rangers Chief Executive Charles Green’s proverbial pants are on fire. Who knew? Well, regular readers of my Rangers missives, if there are any, will have known. I have suggested before, probably ad nauseum, that Green’s relationship with the truth is something akin to third cousin, twice removed. And I hardly blazed a trail with this ‘news.’ Green’s admission...

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Escape To Liquidity: Charles Green, Rangers & The English League System

By on Mar 31, 2013 in Latest, Scottish Football | 9 comments

It wasn’t, in the overall scheme of things, the most auspicious way in which a club could win a league title, but Rangers’ goalless draw at Montrose yesterday afternoon coupled with Queens Park’s one-nil home defeat at the hands of Elgin City meant that the Glasgow giants have now been confirmed as the champions of the Scottish Football League...

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Dunfermline Athletic Likely To Be Saved… But At A Price

By on Mar 27, 2013 in Finance, Latest, Scottish Football | 3 comments

At the start of yesterday, the fate of Dunfermline Athletic hung very much in the balance, but at least by its end it was a little clearer. The Scottish First Division club had until five o’clock yesterday to pay an outstanding £134,000 bill to HMRC over unpaid tax or face the threat of liquidation, and in the middle of yesterday afternoon the club the club...

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