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Rangers & Their Influential 10% Shareholder

By on Nov 4, 2009 in Finance, Latest, Scottish Football | 0 comments

It’s not what you own, it’s what you’re owed – this is how the balance of power currently lies at the Rangers Football Club. Lloyds Banking Group is owed far more than they own, and they are prepared to take drastic measures to get what they are owed – up to and including administration, if reports of Rangers’ mid-October board meeting are to be relied...

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Stirling Albion Prepare To Fight To The Last

By on Nov 3, 2009 in Finance, Latest, Scottish Football | 2 comments

On Wednesday this week Stirling Albion face a winding-up order from HMRC, their second recently following a similar one back in May. A deal was agreed by Chairman Peter McKenzie back then, but according to the latest petition, the amount seems to have gone up slightly in the interim, to £48,000. A similar but larger amount is believed to be owed to the local...

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Brian Potter: A Life In Professional Football

By on Oct 25, 2009 in Latest, Scottish Football | 15 comments

Today, October 25th, is the fifteenth anniversary of the second – and most famous – of the three appearances of Brian Potter’s senior football career, and this site has very kindly indulged me by allowing me to write a tribute to the great man. You’ve almost certainly never heard of him, and mention of his name usually makes people think of...

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Which Way Now For Celtic & Rangers?

By on Oct 9, 2009 in Latest, Scottish Football | 3 comments

The fact that Rangers and Celtic believe themselves to be too big for Scottish football is one of the oldest stories around but, as Gavin Saxton writes, their biggest problem is that the English don’t really want them and “The Atlantic League” remains a non-starter. It hadn’t been a great week for the Old Firm, starting with results that put...

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Rangers & Celtic: The Decline Of The Northern Empire?

By on Oct 5, 2009 in Latest, Scottish Football | 6 comments

Arsene Wenger might think the Scots are still influential in Europe, but he’s about the only person left who does. It being October, it must be just about time for Scottish football pundits to do their usual soul-searching, surveying the wreckage of another failed qualification campaign for the national team, while both the Old Firm sit bottom of the European...

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The 2009/10 Season Preview: The SPL & SFL Division One

By on Aug 4, 2009 in Latest, Scottish Football | 8 comments

Continuing what we hope will be the most comprehensive pre-season previews of the season that you will be able to find anywhere on the net, we’re heading north of the border tonight for the first of a gargantuan two-part look at what we can expect in Scotland. Gavin Saxton is your guide to the 2009-10 season in the SPL and the SFL Division One, with The SFL...

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Liverpool Stick Their Finger In The Dyke

By on Jul 28, 2009 in English League Football, Latest, Scottish Football | 8 comments

It was surely no coincidence that Share Liverpool FC chose their relaunch on the day that the club itself confirmed the details of a refinancing deal that was the financial equivalent of using a used sausage roll packet as a form of birth control. The vultures have been circling at Anfield for some time now, but while Gillett and Hicks have managed to defer the very...

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