Peter Storrie, Al Fahim and Pompey’s Unbelievable Level

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This article first appeared on Pompeyonline in March 2011 and is part of a series aimed at chronicling the history of the club’s fall into administration. “One point two million pound a year, Peter? You’re havin’ a laugh, mush!” Immortal words, captured by Sky on 26 February 2010. A lone fan persuses Peter Storrie as he arrives at PFC offices on the morning...

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Arcady Gaydamak, The Israeli Connection and PFC.

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This article first appeared on Pompey online in November 2010. Since then, on 29th April 2011 Le Monde reported that Arcady had been acquitted of all  charges in relation to Angolagate, clearing him of arms trafficking. With it  looking increasingly like he will be proved innocent in the Bank Happoalim affair along with his suing of ex-business partner Lev Leviev...

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Friday Picture: I Got Stripes

Friday Picture: I Got Stripes

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Tomorrow, as you probably know, is the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Stoke City. Editorial discretion prevents Dotmund from saying who he will be supporting. However, historical facts are indiscreet things indeed and as your correspondent has discovered, the shirt on your back may prove to be the very thing keeping you from your ambitions. Click for...

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Book Review: GB United, By Steve Menary

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It is a story made current by the Olympic Games coming to London at the end of next summer, but for those of us whose sporting interest lies firmly with football, which remains an event more peripheral than its ubiquity in every other corner of the world of sport would suggest, Steve Menary’s new book, “GB United?” is something far more valuable; a...

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Disunited About United

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It is difficult to draw a straight conclusion about a TV drama which has a Scotsman playing a Welshman called Murphy in the lead role. And the BBC’s 90-minute dramatisation of events surrounding Manchester United and the 1958 Munich air tragedy has produced a complex set of reactions. Before picking through some of these complexities, let me say I found United to be...

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Remembering The Burnden Park Disaster

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As Bolton Wanderers and Stoke City take the pitch for their FA Cup semi-final at Wembley Stadium this afternoon, we could perhaps be forgiven for believing that there is a slight chill in the air. These are two sides whose continued presence in the game are a solid link with the past, but they are both clubs that have changed with the times. Perhaps the most...

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Hillsborough: Twenty-Two Years On

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First posted here on the 15th April 2009. Where were you on April 15th 1989? I was at Clarence Park in St Albans, for a Vauxhall-Opel League Premier Division match between St Albans City and Barking. It was a beautiful spring day, but there was little excitement in the air. City were just safe from relegation, whilst Barking were mid-table. The season was winding...

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Crossing the Mangnall Line

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To borrow a phrase, football makes strange bedfellows. It is not entirely uncommon for a manager to lead one club for years only to depart for said club’s principal rival, at times irking supporters on both sides of the divide. Some have become so adept at hopping into the enemy’s bed though, they feel no compunction about doing it a couple times, as...

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