Jimmy Hill: Union Man, Visionary, Sky Blue Thinker – Part One

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This Sunday, the cameras of Sky Sports will be at Sixfields, for the League One match between Coventry City and Sheffield United. A debate is currently going on amongst the supporters of the club over what would be the best way to protest this. The “Not One Penny More” movement has a difficult decision to make. Do they break their own boycott for one...

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Seven Out Of Seven

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This morning 200% reaches the grand old age of seven years old, and to mark this not particularly noteworthy milestone I thought I’d dig out seven matches from the past in which one or the other of the two competing teams contrived to score seven goals. As an aside, now seems like as a good a time as any to thank all of the readers of this site, whose interest...

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100 Owners: Number 73 – The Bhatti Brothers (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

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At the end of last season Wolverhampton Wanderers became the first club to be relegated in two successive seasons from the top division of English football on two separate occasions, and while younger supporters continue to scream for the heads of owner Steve Morgan and Chief Executive Jez Moxey, older supporters may be forgiven a chill running down their spine as...

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Ten Scenes From The FA Cup Final

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This afternoon at the mildly absurd time of 5.15, Manchester City and Wigan Athletic will kick off in the one hundred and thirty-second FA Cup final and, much as the old trophy has frequently been debased in recent years, it still has a rich history upon which we can draw. What follows is listed chronologically (partly out of a mild degree of Saturday morning...

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The Early 1980s Decline & Fall Of Manchester City

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In some respects, the 1982/83 football season had much in common with the season that is now drawing to a close. At the top of the First Division table, the most successful club of recent years was steamrollering its way to another championship victory – the difference, of course, being that it was Liverpool rather than Manchester United destroying all before...

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Leitch, The 1902 Ibrox Disaster & The Changing Values Of Safety

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Football and architecture have seldom been happy bedfellows. During their prime the homes of British football were woefully under-appreciated, and this lack of attention has been mirrored over the last two decades with many grounds that meant a lot to thousands of people having been demolished and replaced with new structures that owe little to the history of the...

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100 Owners: Number 74 – The Three Amigos (Derby County)

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It is now almost eleven years since ITV Digital collapsed into administration, dragging the clubs of the Football League into a mass financial crisis which took years for its clubs to recover from. When it collapsed in May 2002, the television company owed the Football League £185m from a television deal with two years left to run on it and its loss had a serious...

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Philliskirk’s Famous Five… Which Never Happened

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A recent tweet by the BBC’s Ian Dennis brought some memories flooding back. Not of Dennis’s angry reaction to my criticism of a Radio 5 Live show he hosted about UEFA’s Financial Fair Play initiative (although I thought Dennis was the programme’s only decent contributor). But memories of a curious FA Cup first-round tie from 1992. Dennis’s tweet concerned Oldham...

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