Match Of The Past: Middlesbrough FC

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We continue our series of archived videos of the Football League Championship this afternoon with Middlesbrough, and six matches from the years between 1969 and 1992 which feature pitch invasions, local derby wins and promotion parties. Our first match, however, is a little more mundane. With the club having played no Division One football between 1955 and 1974, it...

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100 Owners: Number 82 – Wallace Mercer (Heart of Midlothian )

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The problem of what to do about Rangers and Celtics domination of Scottish football is a seemingly intractable problem which has troubled many minds over the years. There have been oases of openness over the years, perhaps most notably in the early to mid 1980s when both Dundee United and Aberdeen enjoyed both domestic and European success, but ultimately the...

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100 Owners: Number 83 – Peter Swales (Manchester City)

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On the fifth of May 1996, Manchester City drew at home against Liverpool and kissed goodbye to their Premier League status. It was the third time that the club had been relegated from the top division of English football in the previous thirteen years, but this was different – the beginning of the darkest period in the clubs history, a four year spell of...

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100 Owners: Number 84 – Geoffrey Richmond (Bradford City)

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It can be astonishing how quickly fortunes, both in business and in football, can be lost. Reputations can be won or lost in what seems like the blink of an eye, with adulation turning to derision on the basis of the slimmest of margins. Bradford City, throughout the decade from the middle of the 1990s on, lived through a full roller coaster of emotions, ascending...

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100 Owners: Number 85 – Brian Hillier (Swindon Town)

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Whiter than white though some might claim it to be, the history of football in England is pock-marked with attempts to bend the rules as set out by the Football Association. The punishments meted out to these clubs have been many and varied, but it could be argued that few in recent have suffered a penalty as harsh as Swindon Town did in the summer of 1990. In some...

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100 Owners: Number 86 – Douglas Craig (York City)

By on Jul 29, 2012 in History, Latest | 6 comments

In May, York City beat Luton Town by two goals to one in the Blue Square Bet Premier play-off final at Wembley Stadium, ending an eight year long stay in non-league football and the the return of League football to one of the English games more idiosyncratic venues, Bootham Crescent. For seventy-five years between 1929 and 2004, York City had been stalwarts rather...

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100 Owners: Number 87 – Louis Edwards (Manchester United)

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It has, in recent years, become standard for some Manchester United supporters to sing songs regarding the death of Malcolm Glazer. The owner of the club inspires such extreme emotions amongst the clubs fan-base that it is possible to think that him and his family are the first group of individuals to have been involved in this club for reasons that may concern...

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100 Owners: Number 88 – Tony Lazarou (Enfield FC )

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In November of last year, a non-league football club made its first appearance at its new home ground. This in itself is nothing truly remarkable. After all, football clubs relocating has been a common enough sight over the last quarter of a century or so. For this particular club, though, the move was a special one, bringing, as it did, to an end twelve years of...

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