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Match Of The Midweek: Schalke 04 0-2 Manchester United

By on Apr 26, 2011 in European Club Football, Latest | 0 comments

This, it has been implied, is a foregone conclusion. Much of the talk over the last few weeks has been centred upon which of the Spanish behemoths Manchester United would stand a better chance of beating at Wembley next month and the small matter of winning this semi-final has been comparatively overlooked. FC Schalke 04 are amongst the giants of German football,...

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When Relegation Is Preferable: The Fight for FC St. Pauli’s Soul

By on Apr 18, 2011 in European Club Football, Latest | 3 comments

Wearing denim jeans and a black T-shirt emblazoned with the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones so closely associated with the Kult Club’s supporters, FC St. Pauli’s manager Holger Stanislawski appears in stark contrast to his Bundesliga contemporaries who patrol their sidelines instead wearing slacks and ties, or minimally collared buttoned shirts with...

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Match Of The Midweek: Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea

By on Apr 12, 2011 in English League Football, European Club Football, Latest | 0 comments

The machine trundles on. Manchester United go into this evening’s Champions League quarter-final against Chelsea looking more likely become, if some sources are to be believed, the first ever English club to win the treble without actually playing that well. Is there, however, anything behind this throwaway comment? The recent statistics speak for themselves....

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Auf Wiedersehen, Premier League: Why The Future May Be German

By on Apr 2, 2011 in English League Football, European Club Football, Latest | 8 comments

It’s time to welcome another new face to Twohundredpercent. This week, Luke Edwards explains how he has fallen out of love with the Premier League and sought solace in what may well really be The Biggest Football League In The World. You hear time and time again from pundits and media alike that, “the Premier League is the best in the world”, and...

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Anton Hysen Shines A Light On Footballs Insular Mentality

By on Mar 22, 2011 in European Club Football, Latest | 1 comment

A footballer came out of the closet last weekend. Anton Hysén, as you will likely have read over the last few days, gave an interview with the Swedish football magazine Offside in which he confirmed his sexuality. Hysen plays for Utsiktens BK in the fourth tier of the Swedish league system (which, in a manner similarly confusing to that in England, is called...

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Match Of The Midweek: Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal

By on Mar 8, 2011 in European Club Football, Latest | 0 comments

Barcelona versus Arsenal, then. This tie might just turn out to have produced a higher acreage of newpaper stories than any other match this season, with comments thrown from one club to the other like hand grenades in the air over the last couple of weeks. The hype  has added to the feeling that this isn’t a mere football match being played out this evening....

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