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Mungo S04E04

Our hero Mungo McCrackas is finding it hard settling into his new club, Primrose Hill Ramblers. Not least because their gimlet-eyed chairman has realised he has a number of unfortunate shortcomings as a footballer.

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Mungo S04E01

Some of you may have been worried about the fate of Mungo McCrackas, currently the world’s third-best Scottish football player. You’ll be pleased to hear that he rides again thanks to the dazzling pen...

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Mungo S03E39

It’s the long-awaited Mungo season finale… but will it be the last Mungo ever? Almost certainly not, is the answer. However, things look to be changing for both our hero and Heart of Clachmaninshire,...

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Mungo S03E38

It’s the end of the season which means today’s Mungo is the penultimate edition for a while at least, so be sure to drink it in. With Mungo incarcerated in the Tower of London...

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Mungo S03E37

Mungo time. With Heart of Clachmaninshire in their most precarious league position yet, the best thing that could possibly happen – Mungo being unavailable to play – is happily precipitated by events elsewhere. But...