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World Cup 2010: The Opening Ceremony… Live! 4

World Cup 2010: The Opening Ceremony… Live!

Though it has slipped under many people’s radar, there is some sort of World Cup due to be held. Soccer City, Johannesburg is the venue for the start of this summer (winter)’s festivities. South Africa and Mexico wait in the wings to entertain us with some actual – wait for it – football. But first, of course, comes the dubious pleasure of the opening ceremony.

World Cup predictions 5

World Cup predictions

Nearly there folks, the World Cup starts today. Yes, that’s today, and next time you hear from me I’ll have some actual real actual football to talk about.

Just one more thing before we’re underway. As hopefully you’ll know by now, twohundredperdent is going to be a very busy place over the coming few weeks – our team of, uh, hand-picked experts will be providing the best coverage possible from the comfort of our own living rooms, and we thought it was only fair that we nail our colours to the mast first so that you know where we all stand. And so that you can gauge for yourselves just how little we know about football right from the outset. Ian has already given his more detailed predictions a couple of days back, but now it’s time for all of us to answer a few simple questions ….

Mungo in Africa, part 1 2

Mungo in Africa, part 1

With his cycle and slowboat trip now complete, Heart of Clachmaninshire’s very own Mungo McCrackas is about to begin his holiday job: as an expert summariser on Clack TV’s World Cup panel. Busman’s Holiday or not, Mungo is determined that it is still very much a holiday, and as such has already gained 11lbs in weight and what may or may not prove to be a criminal record somewhere near the Botswanan border. Mungo in Africa will unfold as throughout the tournament. However, we guarantee there’ll be a strip at least once a week on Thursdays, no matter how much Dotmund is taking England’s stuttering form to heart.

England: The Auld Enemy? 0

England: The Auld Enemy?

It’s been brought to my attention that there’s something called a World Cup starting later this week and that I might want to start writing about it. I’ve got to admit the enthusiasm isn’t really coming naturally to me in the way it might once have done. Maybe I’m just getting old but I’m not so sure that’s sufficient to explain it – it’s not that I’m not still capable of getting ridiculously overexcited about footie. (I’ve just read that Raith might be bidding for Kevin Smith and the prospect of seeing him and John Baird up front next season is getting me as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve.)

Unnecessary World Cup Music 3

Unnecessary World Cup Music

Dizzee Rascal has already had four number one singles in the United Kingdom. His motives, therefore, for getting involved with the atrocious Simon Cowell vehicle World Cup song “Shout” (a cover of the 1984...

Thirty-One World Cup Shirts 6

Thirty-One World Cup Shirts

It’s that time again. Back by popular demand (to be precise, two people), it’s time for our quadrennial report of all the team shirts that will be on display at the upcoming World Cup....

The Monday Morning Links Repository 0

The Monday Morning Links Repository

By the end of this week, the World Cup finals will be under way, so this week’s links are largely taken up with different angles on looking forward to the tournament, although there is...