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Euro 2012 Draw In ‘Not That Dull’ Shock 2

Euro 2012 Draw In ‘Not That Dull’ Shock

Is Group C of the Euro 2012 finals – Croatia, Italy, Ireland and Spain – the most catholic group in international football tournament finals history? That thought occurred with the fourth team in two of next summer’s groups still to be drawn out and Italy’s and England’s balls still to be opened.

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Mungo S04E04

Our hero Mungo McCrackas is finding it hard settling into his new club, Primrose Hill Ramblers. Not least because their gimlet-eyed chairman has realised he has a number of unfortunate shortcomings as a footballer.

Port Vale – (Yet More) Secrets & Lies 6

Port Vale – (Yet More) Secrets & Lies

I was going to have a quiet weekend. Write some stuff about Everton. Catch up on the latest fun and frolics at Rangers, with Wilfrid Hyde-White’s distant cousin Craig “I have nothing to” Hyde-White....