Match Of The Week 1: Hastings United 0-2 Carshalton Athletic

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It is impossible to walk through the centre of Hastings in East Sussex without thinking of the 1996 Animals That Swim song, “Faded Glamour”. From certain angles, the town, overlooked by the remains of its eleventh century castle, retains the handsome ruggedness which drew day-trippers and holiday-makers towards it from the Victorian era on. From others,...

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Supporters’ Trusts: Some Hard Questions

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This weekend the saga of Trust ownership at Wrexham extends. Plymouth Argyle struggle to find an ownership solution to coming out of administration. In the tales of duplicity and ineptness that abound behind these stories, the arguments in favour of the Supporters Trust movement are strengthened. Supporters’ Direct have made clear and cogent points that...

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Yesterday In Plymouth… Strike Averted, But Club Not Saved

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Yesterday in Plymouth, it nearly all kicked off, or rather it nearly didn’t. Lead administrator Brendan Guilfoyle “all-but-vanished” and somebody paid for acting chairman Peter Ridsdale to jet to the South of France, while staff at Home Park remained resolutely unpaid. Worse still… somebody paid for Ridsdale to jet back. And while this was going on, the latest...

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Why You Should Support Non-League Day 2011

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It’s Non-League Day tomorrow, but you already knew that, didn’t you? The brain-child of Mike Bayly – occasionally of this parish – and James Doe is celebrating its second annual event this weekend, and the extent to which non-league football has embraced the idea has been refreshing, to say the least. Many clubs are offering reduced entry to...

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Yesterday In Plymouth: Background To Insurgam

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Earlier this evening, we wrote on the extraordinary impromptu press briefing given by two Plymouth Argyle players and their manager, Peter Reid. This evening, in the second part of a double-bill, a little more background about why professional footballers should be talking about going on strike, courtesy of Mark Murphy. Yesterday in Plymouth, Argyle Football Club...

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Insurgam! A Players Strike At Plymouth?

By on Sep 1, 2011 in English League Football, Finance, Latest | 6 comments

Sometimes, help can come from the most unexpected of sources. Last Friday, it was announced to a mixture of joy and relief – probably more of the latter than the former, considering the shenanigans of the last few months – that Plymouth Argyle Football Club had been saved. After repeated broken deadlines and wage deferrals for the longest-suffering staff...

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Sound The All-Clear: The Transfer Window Is Closed

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We emerge blinking into the sunlight, with Sky Sports News still gibbering away to itself in the background. Transfer deadline day, the weirdest day in the entire football calendar, is over and now, perhaps, things can start getting back to normal. There is nothing edifying about this day. There is no outlet for those concerned to behave with a great deal dignity...

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