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The 200% World Cup: The Group B Final Round, Live!

Group B: land of contrasts. It wasn’t, might we date to venture, supposed to end up like this. Going into the first of the final round of group matches, it was supposed to be all about the tension and the excitement of two simultaneous matches being played, but the way in which this group has…

4:50 pm

The 200% World Cup: Korea Republic v Algeria – Live!

A big game this evening, for Algeria. They lost their opening match but a win against South Korea will, in the light of Russia’s narrow defeat against Belgium a little earlier this evening, completely restore their chances of getting back into this group and perhaps finding a way into the second round of the competition….

8:01 pm

The 200% World Cup: Germany v Ghana – Live!

Evening football fans, big game tonight for both of these team. Germany absolutely demolished Portugal while Ghana lost to USA. There’s a lot to play for. An interesting dynamic will occur tonight has the Boateng half-brothers will be playing for opposite teams. As you may have noticed some of us live bloggers are suffering from…

7:43 pm

The 200% World Cup: Columbia vs Ivory Coast Live!

This Group C encounter pits the two winners in a head-to-head for the top spot. Columbia breezed past Greece in their opening game while the Ivory Coast narrowly edged Japan. Both of these teams will be looking to gain an advantage going into their final group games as an encounter with the Group F victors is ahead…

4:53 pm

The 200% World Cup: Russia vs South Korea – Live!

Short and sweet. Last game of the opening World Cup matches. The Russian team are all based in the homeland and come full of experience. On the other hand South Korea are full of youth, pace and excitement…

10:58 pm

The 200% World Cup: Germany vs Portugal – Live!

Tonight marks the beginning of the World Cup group stages for three-time champions Germany, or more specifically West Germany, who have also reached 4 other final appearances. Meanwhile their opponents in Salvador this evening, Portugal, haven’t managed to better their third place finish back in 1966. It’s widely expected that their star man Cristiano Ronaldo,…

4:49 pm

The 200% World Cup: Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina – Live!

Well, it’s coming up to eleven o’clock on a Sunday night here in England, and this is, of course, the ideal time to schedule our first look at the Argentina side that many are tipping to go a long way in this tournament. On the flip side, their opponents this evening will be making their first World…

9:27 pm
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