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The Fly In The Ointment

Recently, while killing an afternoon wandering around my local library, I came across a DVD called FUTEBOL, which contains a fairly comprehensive history and social commentary of “The Beautiful Game” in the world’s 5th largest country. Sadly, while the librarian was searching for the aforementioned title, there were 2 of the 4 discs which couldn’t…

1:35 pm

The Uncrowned Prince

The memories of football fans, laced as they often are with a solid lack of sentimentality (at least we pretend they are), often leave little room for reminiscing about big money players who should have made it big, but didn’t. Believe me, I’m far from alone in this regard. Indeed, I’ve got the “him? ach,…

8:40 pm

AVB: Too Much, Too Young?

You’ve done too much, much too young, The Specials famously sang on their seminal 1980 hit. That particular ditty was an anthem to a lost youth and the doom of adding another statistic to the population. However, it would also appear to be a maxim that could be applied to Portuguese wonderkid Andre Villas-Boas, who…

3:34 pm