Pete Brooksbank

About the AuthorPete was the runner-up in the 2014 When Saturday Comes football writing competition with an article about how crap of a football fan he is. He was the writer and editor of the now defunct impsTALK site, charting the highs and lows of Boston United's ridiculous stint as a league club. He continues to write about Boston United for the Boston Standard, and was commissioned as a staff writer on a BBC Radio 4 comedy show you've almost certainly never heard of. Twitter: @petebrooksbank

It will take more than Psycho to fix Forest

If grounds could talk, its tale would be the grandest of them all. It is no Camp Nou, no Santiago Bernabéu. You could hardly find a more inauspicious set for this Hollywood plot. Across the waters of the Trent, beyond the graffiti-spattered Lady Bay Bridge and gloomy, half-abandoned industrial units, Nottingham Forest’s giant, dirty goalpost of…

2:29 pm

The Tactics Tank: England vs Denmark, Exfoliated

With just a matter of days, weeks, months and minutes until England fly out to Brazil before flying back again either having done well or not so well at the FIFA World Cup, Wednesday’s friendly fixture against Denmark afforded boss Roy Hodgson the ideal opportunity to not only evaluate potential candidates for places in the…

6:39 pm

The Tactics Tank, Episode One: Manchester United vs Fulham

If all you’ve been doing of late has been going to matches every weekend, it may have passed you by that there is now a single, unified way in which we should watch association football which is a bit like looking at an Excel spreadsheet made by somebody that has taken too many magic mushrooms….

6:08 pm

A Decade On, Boston’s Rehabilitation Nears Its End

You can still find the plans on the internet, lurking out there hidden with all the other forgotten, abandoned detritus. There are images, architectural conceptions. There’s a picture of the plans being delivered, folder by folder, to the local council. I have a copy of the blueprints somewhere, gathering dust in a long forgotten heap…

11:14 am

Villas-Boas vs The World. And Martin Samuel.

It was around the time that Man City rattled in their fifth goal last Sunday that a billion snarky armchair enthusiasts reached for their smartphones to riff on Erik Thorstvedt’s assertion that Spurs, in flogging Gareth Bale to Real Madrid’s marketing team, had ‘sold Elvis and bought The Beatles’. Hands a’tremblin’ with the excitement of…

7:37 pm